Workshop supply list

For Workshop and classes schedule , Please check with Workshop /Classes page.

I also offer one on one private lessons . For more details please contact me. 

Paper - 140 lb rough Arches (Natural White) , You Can also use any other artist quality 140 lb paper

Sketchbook - 5"X7" or 9"X12" sketch book or blank paper for pencil sketches

Brushes - I use squirrel hair mop brushes for washes and few synthetic brushes for details. Most of my brushes are round.

Palette - I have following colors in my palette. I can work with whatever colors you have in your palette.If you can please use only artist colors. Below is just a guidance of in-terms of hues and brands. Please choose whichever artist brand u like.

Hansa Yellow Deep - Daniel Smith (PY65)

Pyrrol Scarlet- Daniel Smith (PR255)

Permanent Alizarin Crimson - Daniel Smith (PR177)

Yellow Ocre (Mars Yellow) - Daniel Smith ( PY42)

Burnt Sienna - Holbein ( PBr7)

Pthalo Blue - Daniel Smith (PB 15:3)

Cobalt Blue - Daniel Smith (PB28)

Cerulean Blue Chromium - Daniel Smith (PB36)

Ultramarine Blue - Daniel Smith (PB29)

Lavender - Holbein (PV15 PB29 PW6)

Viridian - Daniel Smith (PG18)

Cobalt Teal - Daniel Smith (PG50)

Imperial Purple - Daniel Smith (PV19)

Neutral Tint - Daniel Smith (PBk6 PV19 PB15)

Not in Palette , But I carry tubes of 

Jaune Brilliant # 1 - Holbein (PO20 PY37 PW6)

Chinese White - Daniel Smith (PW4)

Additional supply list

Water spray bottle

Masking Tape

Board of some sort to tape your water color paper. If you using blocks you don't need that.


Pencil and eraser

For Plein Air attendees

If you are attending painting Plein Air workshop, You will also need easel of some sort to tape your watercolor paper or block to paint

Generally, A tripod style watercolor color easel is light weight and easy to carry. It also allows you to move the surface There are many available online from either amazon , Blick art supplies , cheap joes etc. You can always check with your local art store for more options.